Hey there. I'm the vintage loving, boarder-line hoarder that is Rein State. I've always loved collecting things. Even as a kid, I always had a rock collection and don't even get me started on POGS and beanie babies <- HELLO, McDonald's happy meal craze!

Currently, I love vintage. Vintage clothing. Vintage decor. Literally anything vintage catches my eye. The strangest vintage thing I own, much to my husband's dismay, is a sizing set of ladies underpants from the 1950's. But seriously, I think the thing I love most about vintage is the story that these pieces carry with them. What these pieces have seen. What they've been through. They may have dings and some imperfections but that's what makes them unique. 

Our story is a lot like that. We've been through some rough times and have a few bumps and bruises of our own. My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years and for 7 of those years we dealt with infertility. Finally in 2016, after several failed fertility treatments and a few losses we were blessed with twin baby girls - Claire and Millie. If you follow me on IG you know the beautiful chaos that is #claireandmillie . Then in February 2017 our world flipped upside down when my husband had a Grand Mal seizure in our backyard. Through daily seizures, a brain biopsy, and hospitalization, doctors came to the conclusion that the non-cancerous mass in my husband's brain needed to be removed. The surgery was done in June and they sent him home 5 days later to start the long process of healing. The very day that he came home, I found out I was pregnant again. YES - you read right - the woman who could never get pregnant on her own was definitely pregnant and now taking care of twin 1 year olds and her husband who was not allowed to so much as lift a gallon of milk.

Then in February, our son, Hershel, was born - a year from when my husband started having seizures. He has been our calm after the storm. And although we have some very literal scars, it's in these moments, when I look back and really do believe in God's redemptive power and can see how He is still working in our life. He's still writing out this incredible story. A story that's never really over for those who believe. 

I hope you enjoy these thrifted pieces and you see the value in them. Carry on their story and remember there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

God Bless,